Suspension Repair

A car’s suspension system connects its wheels to its body or frame and is responsible for providing greater handling and passenger comfort. It does this through the use of several components including springs, struts, shocks, control arms, bushings, and a sway bar. The springs, struts, and shocks serve to absorb bumps and jolts in the road while the control arm and bushings allow the wheels to move up and down.

At C&A Automotive, we recommend that your vehicle’s suspension system be checked at least once a year along with a wheel alignment. Symptoms of worn or damaged suspension components include erratic steering, uneven or excessive tire wear, poor handling, wandering, leaning, and pulling.

If you experience any of these issues bring your car in as soon as possible. Bent or damaged suspension parts can cause premature damage to other parts of your vehicle. C&A Automotive’s service and repair center is located in Eldersburg, MD.

Shock Absorber

Shock absorbers are mechanical devices found within a vehicle’s suspension system that serve to absorb or dampen bumps in the road. Located on each wheel, they are composed of an oil filled chamber and a piston. When a car hits a bump in the road, it compresses the shock, forcing oil through tiny openings in the piston. This creates hydraulic pressure, slowing the movement of the shock and subsequently the body of the car.

Without shock absorbers, a vehicle would continually bounce and stopping distances would increase. At C&A Automotive, we recommend that your vehicle’s shocks be checked every year, along with your wheel alignment. Shocks are a normal wear component of any vehicle and you may not notice incremental loss in handling and control.

Symptoms of worn shocks include cupping wear on tires, excessive bouncing, swaying, and increased stopping distances. If your car is exhibiting any of these symptoms, come by our service and repair center located in Eldersburg, MD. Come find out why C&A Automotive is Eldersburg’s and the surrounding communities’ number one choice for quality, affordable auto repair!

U Joints

The drive shaft is responsible for transferring torque between various mechanical components of the vehicle. Consequently, when something is wrong with your drive shaft or u-joints, the effects are felt throughout the car. Symptoms of a bad drive shaft include knocking or clicking noises, vibration, and resistance when turning. If you experience any of these issues, bring your car in right away.

At C&A Automotive, we recommend that you have your drive shaft and u-joints inspected regularly; it will improve your car’s overall performance and prevent you from having to pay for costly repairs in the future. So, whether you’re having trouble or just want an inspection, stop by our service center, located in the Eldersburg, MD area. Our technicians are ready to get your car driving steady!

Transfer Case

C&A Automotive is proud to provide the Eldersburg, MD area with a wide range of services and repairs for your vehicle’s transfer case. In its most basic sense, a transfer case is a gear box found in four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive systems that sends power from the transmission to the front and rear axles. The gears within the transfer case need to be lubricated in order to stay cool and function smoothly.

Overtime, however, this fluid becomes dirty or depleted and needs to be changed. Replacing this fluid will prevent damage to your transfer case and maximize its lifespan. Bring your car to C&A Automotive and one of our expert technicians will inspect your transfer case for leaks, drain it of all fluid, and replace the fluid according to your vehicle’s specifications. C&A Automotive service and repair center is conveniently located in Eldersburg, MD.

CV Axles

At C&A Automotive, we believe that the best medicine for a bad CV (constant velocity) joint is preventative. By the time you hear clicking and clunking or feel any vibrations, you already have an expensive repair on your hands. The CV joint is the part of a vehicle’s drivetrain that transfers torque at a constant speed to the wheels and accommodates the up and down motion of the suspension. It is encased by a protective rubber boot called a CV gaiter and is attached to the driveshaft. The area between the boot and the CV joint is packed with grease to allow for frequent movement.

Cracks or fissures in the boot will let this lubricating grease out and contaminants in, and can cause serious damage to the CV joint inside. If caught in the early stages, all it will need is some grease and a new boot. Once you start to hear noises, however, you might have to replace the entire shaft. At C&A Automotive, we recommend that you have your CV joints inspected at every oil change. If you do start to hear any noises or feel your car vibrating, bring it in right away. Our service and repair center is located in Eldersburg, MD.