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November 19th, 2019


2006 Jeep Commander



Jeep Commander Repair – Back on the Road

This repair was part of our Back On the Road 2019 program where we selected two local veterans to provide automotive services at no charge.

We checked over vehicle and found the following items need to be addressed. Passenger side exhaust manifold has several broken bolts. These bolts tighten the manifold to cylinder head. 8 bolts hold manifold and 3 are broken causing a leak past gasket. During disassembly 2 more bolts broke. The bolts are breaking off in cylinder head and will need to be extracted before new parts can be installed. Passenger side Exhaust Manifold is behind shock tower and not easy to get to. Tech drilled holes in some bolts and used an extractor to remove. Other bolts we had to use a welder and weld washers and nuts to bolts in order to remove. Once all bolts were removed we cleaned cylinder head and reassembled with new Exhaust Manifold, Manifold gasket, and 8 new studs and nuts.

Tech checked operation of radio and installed new fuse. Fuse blew right away. Tech removed radio and fuse panel in order to inspect circuit. Tech traced circuit from fuse box to radio and found short right below radio. Power wire from fuse box was rubbing and metal bracket right below radio. After rubbing long enough it wore away the insulation and caused a direct short to ground. Causing fuse to blow. Tech cut out bad part of wire and soldered in new wire. Once repair was complete tech secured harness away from bracket and reinstalled radio. Everything works great now.

Trim on drivers seat just needed a new screw.

When we checked for maintenance we found vehicle needed an Oil Change, Wiper Blades, and an Air filter. We performed all three of these items.

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