Vehicle Service Forms

C&A Automotive provides professional and ASE certified truck & auto repair services in Eldersburg, Maryland that are well reviewed by our customers.

State Inspection Forms

Vehicle Drivability Forms

At C&A Automotive, we understand that it is an inconvenience to have your car or truck in the shop, that’s why we provide fast and reliable auto repair services in Eldersburg and Sykesville, MD! One of the most time-consuming parts of the auto repair process is determining exactly what is wrong with your vehicle.

Oftentimes there are a few key noises or issues that our customers don’t mention when dropping off their car, that are actually noises specifically designed to let the mechanic know exactly what is the problem. By filling out these noise and drivability forms, you can help us better pinpoint your cars issue, helping to get you back on the road even faster:

Vehicle Sound Definitions

As you drive your vehicle, be aware of the different sounds and noises that you hear. If you notice a change in the sounds you are used to hearing on a daily basis, what you are hearing is probably a warning that one of your vehicle’s systems isn’t functioning properly and needs to be checked.

The noises your vehicle makes are very helpful to C&A Automotive’s auto repair technicians when diagnosing the cause of a problem with your car, truck or SUV. The following definitions of common noises are provided to assist you in completing the above Drivability Forms:

  • Boom – rhythms sound like a drum roll or distant thunder. May cause pressure on ear drum.
  • Buzz – low pitched sound, something like a bee. Usually associated with vibrations.
  • Chatter – rapidly repeating metallic sound.
  • Chirp – high pitched rapidly repeating sound, like chirping birds.
  • Click – light sound, like a ballpoint pen being clicked.
  • Clunk/Thump – heavy metal to metal sound, like a hammer striking steel.
  • Grind – Abrasive sound, like a grinding wheel or sandpaper rubbing against wood.
  • Groan/Moan – continuous, low-pitched humming sound.
  • Growl/Howl – Low, guttural sound, like an angry dog.
  • Hiss – continuous sound like air escaping from a balloon.
  • Hum – continuous sound of varying frequencies, like a wire humming in the wind.
  • Knock – heavy, loud, repeating sound like a knock on a door.
  • Ping – similar to a knock, except at a higher frequency.
  • Rattle – a sound suggesting looseness, such as marbles rolling around in a can.
  • Roar – deep, long, prolonged sound like an animal, or winds and ocean waves.
  • Rumble – low, heavy continuous sound like that made by wagons or thunder.
  • Squeak – high-pitched sound, like rubbing a clean window.
  • Squeal – continuous, high-pitched sound like running fingers across a chalkboard.
  • Tap – light, hammering sound like tapping a pencil on the edge of a table. May be rhythmic or intermittent.
  • Whir/Whine – high-pitched buzzing sound, like an electric motor or drill.
  • Whistle – sharp, shrill sound like wind passing a small opening.