Great article today by Jennifer Turiano for the Carroll County Times about our $2,500 veterans giveaway for 2018. Nominations are open through Saturday night.

“There was one fella [last year], and I don’t want to give too much detail but he served and retired and he’s part of the local volunteer fire department. He volunteers at the high school in the area, and right before we did this his wife had a stroke and was in a rehab facility,” Langmeade said.

“He was driving — he didn’t have to, he wanted to — he was driving down there every single day to visit her, and his only vehicle needed a lot of work. He explained to me, ‘I want to be there for her when she wakes up every morning,’ and the vehicle just wasn’t reliable enough. It needed tires, brakes and exhaust.”

After the work was completed, Langmeade said the veteran stops by the shop to visit regularly.

“Just to see his expression, and to see him after he drove his vehicle and knew he had something reliable,” he said, “to see he didn’t have to worry about that anymore — it was neat. It was really neat.”

To learn more or nominate a veteran, visit