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Ford F150 Pickup Truck Shock Towers

This customer had an issue with the front end of their truck & suspected the shocks. We checked the steering and suspension and found that both front shocks had broken through the top of the shock tower. The tower was rusted to the point of being paper thin.

We were able to fabricate new shock towers, replace the driver’s side front axle and got the customer’s truck driving like it used to.

Work performed included:

  • Removing & replacing front shocks
  • Fabricated new shock towers
  • Replaced driver’s front axle
  • Replaced drivers front calipers, pads, rotors and hose
  • Changed the oil
  • Checked & corrected brake fluid levels
  • Lubed the door hatch and checks

Project Details


August 15th, 2017


1999 Ford F150



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