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November 28th, 2017


2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse



Mitsubishi Eclipse Repair – Back on the Road

This repair was part of our Back On the Road 2017 program where we selected several local veterans to provide automotive services at no charge.

This nominee served 11 years in the Army. A kind and loving man who would do anything for anyone, even at his own expense. He is hard working and goes above and beyond every day with a positive attitude. He has been amazing this year helping others through their health issues.

He never complains and always has a smile.

On the first visit, he let us know of the brakes not feeling right. We found a locked up brake caliper on drivers front. We replaced the caliper along with front brake pads and rotors. We also clean and adjusted the rear brakes. After repairs, we test drove and brakes were much better but had a slight pulsation at higher speeds. To fix this problem, we replaced both rear brake drums as well. We put four new tires on. Front end alignment.

When we scanned computer for codes (the check engine light was on) one of the codes was for cylinder one misfire. We traced the problem to a bad spark plug wire. So we replaced all four spark plugs and wires. A bad oil leak was coming from valve cover gasket, so we replaced the valve cover gasket and spark plug tube seals. We changed the oil and replaced the wiper blades. Also we replaced the air filter.

On the second visit, he reported that the AC has not worked in a long time. We performed an AC Evaluation which led us to diagnosing the car with a bad AC Compressor. Due to the damage to compressor, we would have to replace 75 percent of the AC System because metal shavings had contaminate the system. We spoke to the customer and decided to hold off on that repair for the time being.

There was a exhaust leak from the flex pipe that was allowing fumes into the passenger compartment. We welded in a new flex pipe to eliminate the problem.

This car is now back on the road!

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